And I'm even a member already

My local NPR pledge "week" ends this afternoon and frankly, I cannot be more glad. I've been a member of public radio for almost 10 years now and while I recognize the need for pledge drives, I also get so tired of them. And this last one went even longer than usual (or at least it felt like it). Maybe it's because everything else on "regular" radio is either crap or commercials. But it didn't used to be like that. I distinctly recall being able to switch to commercial radio during previous pledge weeks and actually hearing music, but that's not happened this time. It's all been annoying morning shows and commercials and bad music and more commercials. Now I'm beginning to understand why people buy satellite radio.

The GF and I went to the Orchestra last night. It was nice, but very long. There are two ways to see the orchestra in Chicago: indoors at Orchestra Hall (during the fall through spring) and outdoors at their summer home at Ravinia in the northern suburbs. I've experienced both, and honestly I have to admit that I *much* prefer the latter. There's something much more relaxing about being outside in regular clothes sitting on the lawn munching on cheese and crackers than sitting in a suit in rows of chairs with no legroom. I'll have to keep this in mind for future orchestral adventures.

Oh, and I need a new suit. I just realized that my current one has PLEATED FRONT PANTS! The horror...

Thank goodness Macy's is having a sale on suits this weekend.


J.Po said…
OH MY LORD - PLEATED PANTS?!?!?!?!?!? Did you buy them in the 80s, after watching an episode of Miami Vice?
towwas said…
You don't *have* to wear a suit to an orchestra concert, you know.