I hate when my t-shirts go stale

Last week, I stopped by Target to pick up some new undershirts. Because I'm pretty much the definition of "medium size" I struggled to find enough of the regular t-shirts to replace my stock. So I was forced to buy a couple sets of the Hanes "premium" shirts. As far as I can tell, the only difference between them is that the premium shirts come in bags of three, while regular shirts come in packs of five.

But perhaps the most fascinating difference was in the packaging:

Yup. This package of shirts comes in a "resealable bag". You know, because sometimes you only need to use one shirt but want to keep the other two fresh until they're needed.



J.Po said…
Are you wearing a wriststrong bracelet in that photo??? OMG THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!
grrrbear said…
I am actually a huge supporter of Wrist Awareness. The GF got me the bracelet for Valentines day and I've been promoting Wrist Awareness ever since.

Of course, I realize that if I ever meet someone more famous than me I'm obligated to pass it along. Fortunately I don't meet very many famous people.