Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Putting the "Grrr" in Grrrbear

I know I'm a little late on most things these days, but I just saw Hillary's "appearance" on the Daily Show Monday night. Boy, talk about uncomfortable. Not only was Jon clearly not excited about talking with her* but there was something not quote right about her whole appearance on the show...

Hmmm...what could it be I wonder?... Something vaguely sinister yet hilarious...

Oh yeah, I remember now!


Am I the only one who expected the first words out of her mouth to be "HARRO!"?

No doubt, she has a very "plecise and compricated pran" for how she's going to get John McCain elected president. Grrr...

* Made quite obvious by his comment about the bored looks on the staged "youthful" crowd obviously chained to chairs behind her while their parents were held at gunpoint just off screen.
** Apologies for the poor quality, but this is the best screen cap I could make off the easily available video clips on the web. But if you've seen Team America, you know what I'm talking about.

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J.Po said...

"I'm so WRONEWRY!"

UGH - I dislike Hills SO MUCH!