Quickie - In the interest of updating content

I found a neat widget for blogs - the Uniqlok! Those of you taking a gander at the little clock to the left of this post will no doubt find the dancing Japanese girls fun and all, but most importantly, they dance in time to whatever time it is, each beat taking exactly one second.

Honestly, I find the music kinda kewl, but I can understand how it might be a little much for folks with speakers at work. Opinions? Should the music stay or go?


I was playing catchup on your blog...which meant a lot of reading (gack! Your slacker-bloggy-friend!)...which meant I had to listen to that music on repeat for a long time...

I like the dancing girls and the concept, but the music needs to stop after one cycle...or go away.

Or, ok, I'll just turn my speakers off when I come to read. :D
kippur said…
I like music, yes I do. I like music, how bout you? ...I typed that to the beat.
grrrbear said…
All right, I liked the music too, but it eventualy got too distracting.

Still, I like the idea, so I'm keeping the dancing sweater-models.
grrrbear said…
Note, it's just set with the default in the "off" position. If you want to hear it you can, but you'll have to turn it on yourself.