The Barbies! They're WATCHIN' me!

I'm in Los Angeles for most of this week on a business trip. While that in itself isn't that bad, I am staying in a different hotel every night because I'm covering a fair amount of territory. Wednesday night, for instance, I was staying in El Segundo - across the street from the Mattel factory. Not exactly the hippest neighborhood to hang out but it was neat to see the place where all my Hot Wheels were probably made when I was a little kid. Although I tried not to think about all the in-process disembodied Barbie heads staring at me out the windows...creepy...

Yesterday after my morning meeting I had some time to kill so I went down to the beach to watch the waves. It was a gorgeous day and I pretty much had the beach all to myself because all the natives think 62 degrees is only a few degrees above freezing and stayed indoors under blankets. It was gorgeous:

Of course, even though I wasn't out there for very long, I managed to get a little sunburn on the top of my head. Although because my post-shave moisturizer that I use on my face has an SPF of 15, there's an unusual pattern on top of my head where the part that was covered bordered the part that wasn't. Oh well.

Naturally, whenever I'm staying in any hotel, I always steer clear of using the glasses in the rooms. I've seen all the news exposes about how they are never actually washed so I'm not going to be caught giving myself cancer by using an unwashed glass. So needless to say it was really reassuring when I checked in last night to find my classes covered with little paper covers*:

In case you can't read that label, it says "...this glass has been sanitized and carefully packaged for your personal use". Well...*that* sure makes me feel better! I mean, "sanitized" obviously means it as run through a dishwasher, right? And what could possibly circumvent the sanitary protection of a paper bag? Thanks, Courtyard by Marriott!

*Like tea cozies, but made of paper


Eve said…
I NEVER trust hotel cups, ice buckets, open ice machines, or coffee makers.

No way, no how!

I wipe down remotes and phones, I don't let the maid clean my room, and I don't use the comforter.

Sadly, I am that way as Adam co-managed a nice hotel here in Eden straight out of graduate school and I heard his STORIES. Yuck!!
grrrbear said…
The scary thing Eve is that these days hotels don't even *have* comforters a lot of the time. They have created this "sleep burrito" thing where the sheet and the comforter are the same thing, so you either use the comforter or sleep without any covers whatsoever.

I know, damn hotel bedding fascists!