Retail Adventures - Part I

Running errands after work on Friday, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up some personal effects and noticed that they've already got their decor up for Mother's Day. I guess this is what happens when easter is so early in the season. After all, what could a store base it's decor on if not an upcoming holiday? Even when it's over two months away.

I did, however, notice one thing about some of the decorations. Can you see it?

Yup, that is exactly the same little girl in both pictures. If you click it, you can see in better detail that she is missing the same tooth in both. Not to mention that she's wearing the same shirt and has the same face. Apparently, this little girl has two lesbian mommies.

I never really thought Walgreens would be that progressive, particularly in a very Mexican (and therefore presumably catholic) neighborhood. Yay, Walgreens*!

* Yes, I realize it was probably unintentional, but what if it wasn't?


Eve said…
he he he

I can't believe that you are THAT observant!! I would hav blown right past that...
KC said…
I concur. These are lesbian mommies. Way to go, Walgreens!