Superman vs Jesus Fish

On the way up to the GF's a while back I found myself stuck behind a car of an obviously risk-averse person:

It's a little blurry, I'll grant you. But only because I had to move fast to get a picture before he turned. But you can clearly see the Jesus fish juxstaposed with the Superman logo just to its left. When the end of the world comes, clearly, this guy wanted to make sure he would be saved by *someone* whether it was Superman or Jesus.

Just thinking about it obligated me to have the mental debate of "Who would win in a fight between them" all the way up to the GF's. But then she had made dinner so I promptly forgot about it until I was cleaning out my phone last night and the image stayed hidden away from public view until now. And truthfully now that I'm writing about it I'm having the inner debate again about which one would win in a fight...

I should go get lunch.


J.Bro said…
Here's how it would play out - epic battle, mountains thrown across continents, civilians trampled underfoot, until Superman remembers the one weakness of Jesus - his Jesus' Heel, if you will. Superman has sex out of wedlock, and Jesus is all, "Oh, damn, now I gotta die for your sin!" Boom - he implodes. Credits roll.