Walgreens hates art!

Well it looks like the GF and my timing was impeccable. The city of Berwyn tore down the Spindle the weekend before last. A sad day indeed. I blame Walgreens and their hatred of all things art. After all we saw the parking lot where it is located and there's plenty of room for both the Spindle and a Walgreens, so logically the only reason the Spindle was dismantled was because Walgreens hated it and wanted it to die.

Here's one last picture I took from the visit:

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The odd thing is according to the article they saved the top two cars in case some future artists wants to restore them and use them in building a new Spindle. But don't you think that artists would want to maintain the artistic integrity and have *all* the cars? Either that or use all new cars? Surely some bastard combination of old-Spindle + new cars would create a very incoherant aesthetic - perhaps to such a degree that Walgreens would try to tear *that* one down too.