When mommy starts acting out...

In light of the fact that Mother's Day was this weekend I had to share a picture from the local corner market in my neighborhood. It's one of Chicago's countless storefront groceries that overcharge you for basic food items, but are so much easier to walk to than getting in the car to drive to the Jewel or Dominicks.

Anyway I had to stop in there last weekend to pick up milk and other essentials when I decided to peruse the "wine aisle" that they added a month or so ago when they took out an aisle of food to focus exclusively on wine. Of course there was the standard grocery-store wine fare such as J.Lohr and Beringer, but there were also some wines that I'd never seen before, including this one:

I suppose I can understand why they'd want to put that one out on Mother's Day. I mean, sometimes Mommy needs a time out, right? And if it comes in a bottle, so much the better!