Are you still reading?

I took a couple weeks off (obviously) to recharge and accommodate a bunch of work-related schedule business. I had a trade show last Sunday (more on that later), a bunch of prep work for a presentation I'm giving on Tuesday, a car-chase moment last-Friday, and on top of everything I've managed to catch a cold which I've spent most of the weekend trying to beat. I'll try to catch you up...

Last Sunday I had a trade show which, for the most part, was not terribly notable. Relative to the other trade shows I attend, this one is more networking and talking with contacts. I won't bore you with the details, except for one. As it turned out, I ended up meeting with representatives from a company I don't typically do business with. It was two guys, one old and one in his early- to mid-40's. As we're talking about what they do, I suspect nothing out of the ordinary. Then, right when the old guy is talking, the younger guy leans over to his left side and spits a wad of tobacco juice. Maybe there was a bucket there, maybe there wasn't (I couldn't see and I sure wasn't going to look). Either way, I pretty much forgot everything else about that meeting. Granted, the company was from the deep south, but still...sheesh.

Secondly, on my way into work on Friday morning, I had just pulled out onto the main road I take out to work. As I made my way a few blocks into the trip, I noticed a blue sedan accelerating towards the rear of a pickup truck heading in the other direction. For a second it looked like it was going to hit but then it shot over into the left lane (it was a two-lane road in both directions). It turns out it was trying to get past another car that was already in the left lane - effectively speeding up in order to cut it off. Obviously, at this point I'm pretty sure this guy is crazy, and I'm also pretty sure that he's gonna get what's coming to him.

That's because even at that point, it was clear that he had accelerated too much in order to cut off the other car, and as he veered back to straighten out , the inertia of the car cause the rear end to swing out to the right - exactly as he passed me. I could see smoke billowing from the rear wheels as he fishtailed to nearly perpendicular to his path of travel. Of course, that's about the time that his rear end smashed into a parked car and shattered into a thousand pieces. Thankfully, by that time I was well past everything and completely safe. I do have a really clear recollection though of seeing the expression on the driver's face as he skidded past me - it as almost as if he was thinking "Oh crap, *this* isn't going like I planned". In a way, it was almost funny. He didn't look scared at all, more just irritated that his girlfriend was probably going to have to post bail and she was *not* going to be happy about it.

Serves him right.


J.Po said…
Still reading and OMG! That car accident! CRAZY! I didn't think people behaved like that outside of the movies. Although there was that one guy that went all road-rage on Spice and me once (guess which one of us was driving) and pissed us off after much bad driving by waiting at a really horrible light until it turned yellow...and left us to wait another 10 minutes for a green light. He was terrible. He did not, however, shatter his car. My guess is he moved to Chicago and ended up shattering his car last week. You're right - serves him right!