Quickie - Journalism? Really?

Dear Ms Huffington,

While I may not understand how you get so many famous (and not-so-famous) people to post material on your blog, I do enjoy many of the postings that populate it. That said, was there so much nothing going on today that this somehow becomes material that is even remotely relevant to anyone outside of Katherine Heigel's bikini cleaner?

Apparently, a number of the internet's e-groundlings populating the comments on that article share my opinion. Ah, intellectual debate about Heigel's "dog-faced husband"...


The Phoenix said…
I hate celeb stuff like that. I mean, it's already "cream puff" journalism.

To dumb it down to that level is really incredible.

"Britney Spears picks nose."
J.Po said…
So on the day that Gore endorsed Obama, that's all they could come up with? Come on! At the very least, there must be something left to say about Tim Russert. Yucks.

I prefer talkingpointsmemo and dailykos...I haven't seen much craptastic crapolla at those sites.