And last week, my place was so clean...

Earlier this week I finally unloaded some of my older Ikea furniture on a friend from work who’s basically just starting to furnish her own grown-up place. She took away my ikea chair* and a huge desk that used to sit in my second bedroom before I realized that it was way too big to fit in the guest room/office. The chair was pretty easy to get out but the desk itself took a fair amount of disassembly and the use of my friend’s boyfriend for help getting the pieces down stairs.

The best thing about it is that I’ve suddenly got all this room in my living room. The worst thing about it is that suddenly I’ve got a lot of crap sitting around that used to be sitting on the desk. The thing about big desks is that while they are very useful, they also inevitably become the “place where one throws crap”. It’s so easy to just stack stuff there “for a minute or two” only to find that a year later the desk is covered with stuff that you had completely forgotten you had. And now that the desk is gone I’ve got piles of stuff that I need to figure out what to do with.

Ironically, my next step will probably be to go to Ikea to buy some new bedside tables (because I was using the file drawer unit as one and storing stuff in it. Oh well…Ikea in, Ikea out.

* You know, one of those “Pooang” chairs that everyone in our generation is morally obligated to own at some point?


towwas said…
Hey! You're coming to visit! Woo!!!