Fight back sweat!

One of the recent trips for work was a visit to the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta last week. At the show, I saw a lot of machinery that only serious lumber-using people (e.g. Ikea) would ever use but I also saw a super-high-end sports car that was made almost entirely of wood - The Splinter:

All right, you say, that's interesting but why should I care?

The funniest thing about the car was that the seats are made of wicker.

Think about what a cool idea this would be in a real car. You know all those times you come back to your car after work on a hot day only to get inside and realize hot how the seats are? By the time you get halfway home the small of your back is already a river of sweat and you're completely undignified-looking for the big gala you have to attend at Wayne Manor.

All that would be solved if all cars just had seats with wicker backs. I wonder if I could get my seats in my car swapped out with wicker. Or at least Aeron chairs...


towwas said…
They call it "the splinter"? Is that supposed to make me *want* to put my butt in the seat?
grrrbear said…
Yes. Presumably as much as naming the teenage mutant ninja turtle sensei "Spinter" made people want to own pet rats.