First normal weekend in a while.

Am I the only one who received the email from the Obama campaign offering me the "opportunity" to be the first to know who the VP will be? Somehow, I doubt it.

But you know, I didn't sign up. I figure the 0.0000001 second delay between when the email is announced and when it's being broadcast on MSNBC ("Obama announces VP-elect! More at 11!"), Fox News ("Hussein Obama pick for VP proves Democrats are stupid! More at 10:59!") and the networks ("Is anyone still watching us?") won't really be worth it.

I also didn't watch a second of the Olympics this weekend. And I don't feel like any less of an American. I did get brunch with friends, did some much-needed weeding in the backyard of the building, and cleaned up the house a bit.

Oh, and I blogged today for the first time in weeks. It's a start.


towwas said…
Yayy, blogging! I spent approximately 35,000 hours watching the Olympics this weekend. I dunno, it just seemed like the right thing to do.