Sickness and Prairie Dawn the Minx

Once again, I have found myself cursed with a cold. And once again, I have the GF to blame for it. It’s really not fair – the same cold she had for approximately 4 hours has struck me down for the better part of a week. So much for the myth about how living in the upper Midwest makes you have a hardier immune system.

I’m desperately trying to sleep as much as possible before this weekend because it’s a big weekend for the GF in general. Not only is it her college reunion, but it’s also the regional Emmy awards this weekend and she’s been nominated for a show she produced last spring. And unlike the first time she won, this time she’s the actual producer – so if she wins she actually gets to bring home a statue. Or, to put it more clearly, she’ll get to carry an Emmy statue to her reunion party afterwards. I keep telling her to put it on a big chain and wear it to the reunion if she wins, but she thinks that would be high on the douchebag scale, and I can’t really disagree.

Sunday should hopefully be pretty quiet though, which I’ll need because reunion parties generally keep me up way past my bedtime and I want to be all better before I start traveling for work again next week (off to SoCal and Minnesota).

In other news, I was reading an article about internet filtering in Australia, where apparently the government is setting up some sort of filter for the entire internet across the whole country. The article itself reads:

Australians may not be able to opt out of the government's Internet filtering initiative like they were originally led to believe. Details have begun to come out about Australia's Cyber-Safety Plan, which aims to block "illegal" content from being accessed within the country, as well as pornographic material inappropriate for children. Right now, the system is in the testing stages, but network engineers are now saying that there's no way to opt out entirely from content filtering.

Now, maybe I’m old-fashioned, but that read a little funny to me. I mean, doesn’t it seem as though *all* pornographic material would be “inappropriate for children”? Does Australia instead have a market of kid-friendly porn that they aren’t telling anyone about? Pray to god it doesn’t involve muppets, although I have always thought that Prairie Dawn was the sort to have a secret hidden past…


towwas said…
Oh dear. I'm sorry you're sick...but glad I can't be blamed for this one.
The Phoenix said…
muppets and porn. only in australia.