Also note: no black people?

Am I the only one who gets a little annoyed at these ads? I mean, so there's no difference between a Bounty Hunger and a Criminal Investigator - they both just wear fedoras? Redheads are only suited for being a psychologist or a therapist? Where's the bald guy? What am *I* supposed to do for a living? Is there no place for me?

Let me tell you I have friends who are CI's and he is *SOOO* not the...well, all right he is *totally* the type to wear a fedora. Maybe these ads *are* fact based...creepy...


kippur said…
I want to be a "More" when I grow up.

And how is your eye funk? I was reading about it and it sounds a lot like my eye funk(toxoplasmosis). Only it seems as though I got mine from rubbing cat poo in my eye rather than river dirt.