Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quickie - Love is all about communication

Earlier today through the magic of the internet I was listening to 89.3 The Current out of Minneapolis at work when they decided to play “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees. Being a hopeless romantic, I decide to call the GF and tell her about it because she lurves the Monkees. She wasn’t at her desk so I just left her a voice mail of the song by putting the headphone up to the mic so her voice mail would record the song. I know, awwwww….

Of course when I talked with her later today I asked her about it and she said “Oh, that was you? I thought it was just some weirdo stalking me at work.”

Not the response I had expected, exactly.

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Spice said...

I listen to The Current at work, too. One day a student stopped by to talk to me and I wasn't in my office, but the door was open. He later e-mail that he'd been by and that I wasn't there, but that the music I was playing "sounded awesome." Hee!

Sorry to hear about your eye - everyone I know has been having eye problems. Okay, not _everyone_, but between you, my mom, and my cousin's newborn daughter, that's a high percentage of people I know. Hope the steroids work!

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