Warning - don't read over a plate of noodles

A woman in Arizona was recently suffering from numbness in her arm and blurred vision went into her doctor for a diagnosis. After some tests, a CAT scan, and eventually an MRI, they discovered a tumor in her brain. Of course, surgery was scheduled. But when the doctors arrived at the site of the tumor, they found – not a tumor – but a worm.

The full story is here, but the most interesting part of it is when the journalist is trying to explain where the worm came from:
No one knows exactly where she picked up the worm –- doctors said worms can come from eating undercooked pork or spread by people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, according to the report.
And then at the end of the story, they are trying to give it a feel-good ending, by announcing that the woman has recovered and is leading a normal life:
Alvarez, who is now healthy and has resumed normal activities such a playing ball with family in her backyard, said she hopes people learn this lesson from her story.

“Wash your hands, wash your hands,” she added.
Obviously, whoever wrote this story hates this woman. Why else would they bother to add the last quote about “wash your hands” so soon after explaining that people get worms either from eating pork or not washing their hands after peeing? I mean, by saying so, didn’t she just tell the world that she doesn’t wash her hands and that’s how she got the worm? I mean, it’s not like she said “Cook your pork thoroughly!”.

Just goes to show – just because a journalist wants to interview you it doesn’t mean they LIKE you.


towwas said…
No, it means other people should wash their hands after doing bathroom things and before touching her. And I don't think those bathroom things are "peeing," my friend.
towwas said…
Also, I once used a quote that caused the quotee's colleagues to make fun of her for days. It was kind of a career highlight (she thought it was funny, too).
grrrbear said…
Really? What else does one do in a bathroom that would so necessitate hand-washing? It doesn't seem that bathing would matter, because one would have washed one's hands while washing everything else?
towwas said…
Poooooop. You know, the activity that spreads parasites.