I’ve been on Facebook for several weeks now and I think this weekend was sort of the turning point. While it was initially really interesting to reconnect with old friends I hadn’t seen in a while – I’m at the point now where I’m starting to wonder what I’ll end up doing with all of them in the long run? I’m too paranoid about the direction that the company itself will take to post anything truly personal (or even to join any groups). Pretty much all I do is long in every now and again to play Kidnap with my one friend who plays regularly.

Maybe this is just another step in my long, slow road to ludditeness, but I think I’m still stuck asking the question “Why?” when it comes to Facebook. Sure, it’s less work than actually thinking up something remotely interesting to talk about in a blog post, but what do even my friends get out of it? I mean…really? I worry that my true friends want to get a better picture about what’s really going on in my life, not just a blurb about what’s irritating me at the moment. I think this is why I *really* don’t understand the point of Twitter. I joined it once before I understood what it really was for because a friend invited me. But I’ve never posted anything and don’t expect to. People deserve respect when listening to a story - the least I can do is give them a full paragraph.

Work has slowed down a little over the last few weeks to the point where I have time to think again. Maybe this will mark the beginning of a return to blogging. Maybe it’ll just be a temporary relapse. But we’ll see.


kippur said…
Much agreed. Yes I am an admitted facebook addict of sorts. Well, I like to call myself a recovering addict. I nevr really understood the twitter type blurps. Although I have found myself blurping now and again. I much prefer the long format of the blog. Much more personal. The join this, add that invite junk is beyond me. Yes I have really enjoyed reconnecting with the long and the lost but there are some that I wish would have remained long and lost. I guess living in a place like Kansas you do what you can to stay in touch with old friends, and facebook is a thing that lets me stay juuuust out of reach but still in touch. Man Im kinda rambling. Is there a rule on the length of comments? Point is, facebook has it's purpose and its place, but I miss your blog. Your words are like candy corn. kinda strange concept for a candy, tastes kinda odd, but you always end up eating a second. Two cents, for what it's worth old friend. And when am I gonna see your bald head again? The O's will be passing through Minny next weekend for a short post winter stint. If the stars align and you happen to be in minneapolis let me know