In the battle of science vs. politics - my money is (sadly) on politics

You know, as much as I love living in Chicago, there is a bizarre dichotomy between how the city tries to position itself as a modern, sophisticated urban center (see: 2016 Olympic bid, Alinea, Magnificent Mile, fantastic cultural institutions) and how the rest of the state seems heck-bent on celebrating it’s ignorance. It’s sort of like your one friend in high school who was the eccentric, grunge-wearing artsy theater girl who’s older brother was a varsity athlete in 2-3 different sports.

Case in point is the latest bid by the Illinois general assembly to reinstate Pluto as a planet. Good lord people – it’s settled science, just deal with it.

Speaking for the people of Chicago, I can assure my six readers* that we are all sooo embarrassed, and totally going to pretend we’re not related the next time we’re out in public.

* Interestingly, none of whom live in Illinois, I think.


kippur said…
Try living in Kansas man! If Pluto is all your crazies are talking about than count yourself lucky.