One of many, lately

One annoying thing about Facebook is the ridiculousness of the ads. I mean, not only to they appear to have been designed by 8 year olds* but almost all of them are for fraudulent or potentially illegal activities**. But every not and then I'll see one that I find amusing, but not for the reason you might think. Consider the following:

Let's consider the power of simile for a moment. So buying an engagement ring is like forgetting to use a condom, how exactly?
  • It increases your chances of getting a STD?
  • It "just feels better baby"?
  • It can result in pregnancy?***
Whatever. I'm now even more convinced that Facebook ads are going to be the death of Facebook. Not because they are a terrible idea - but because they are so incredibly poorly designed.

* "I know - let's put 6 eyes on the picture of the baby! KEWL!"
**"Oh really - you're unemployed and making $32K a week? SuuUUUuuuurrre you are..."
*** No wonder many men are pretrified of committment - I mean if just buying the ring can get her knocked up...