Weird search results

Yesterday I received an email from my mom. She's really gotten into emailing lately, presumably because it's one of the easiest and more reliable ways to get a hold of me, other than text message (which my dad is now better at than I am). Anyway, mom mentioned Grrrcat several times, asking how he is and whatnot.

I only mention this because as I was reading this in my gmail browser, the "sponsored links" along the side naturally saw all the references to Grrrcat and served up some ads that they thought were relevant. Needless to say, I think Google needs to work on it's definition of "cat" a little - judging from the first ad, which links to this.

Here is a screenshot of the ads as they were displayed (note - this is a picture, those are not actually "sponsored links"):

Yeah - I'm pretty sure that Grrrcat would *not* be into an industrial strength scrubbing.