Sadly, the actual south is nothing like the Dukes of Hazzard

This weekend the GF and I head off to the woods for a weekend of camping adventures. While we’re not expecting all the fireworks from the first time we went camping together, I can say that I’m very much looking forward to it. See, this will be my first vacation trip of the year. Sure, I’ve taken days off – but I’ve always either been in town or out of town for some event (e.g. weddings, funerals). Frankly, I can’t wait for a weekend of hiking, sitting by a campfire, and s’more making. Of course, there’s a chance for some rain off and on for most of the weekend. But that’s why we’re bringing Mad Libs. Of course, I’ll probably bring a book or two along as well.

Speaking of books, let’s hear it for the state of Mississippi, for enacting a state law that one crazy woman used to file suit against a bookstore for selling “The Good Sex Bible”. Their crime? Putting it on a shelf where it was “visible to children”. Here’s my question: Are there copies of “Guns and Ammo” on the shelves of the magazine section? Any magazines about Ultimate Fighting? What about the Bible, is that available where children can see it, despite its objectionable content? Why are those okay but books about sex aren’t? Come to think of it, let’s look at the books shown in the art that accompanies the article…OH MY GOD!!! THERE’S A BOOK ABOUT LUNGS!!!! AND ANOTHER ONE ABOUT BELLYBUTTONS!!!! OH LORD PRESERVE ME! MY EYES…THEY’RE BURNING!!!! AIIIIEEEEEE!!

(Sigh). This is why I avoid the south in all its forms. Well, that and they don’t have snow…and they all love NASCAR.