Day 3 - Myths dispelled and confirmed

Remember back when I knew nothing about what this trip was going to be like? Well, after two days walking the show and four days (basically, including my travel day) living here I can say that Pretty much everything I thought about Germany was true (pretty much everyone speaks at least passable English, the weather is for hte most part great, and taking the train is really easy), but a lot of what I had heard about the show was pretty far off. The booth babes are not, actually, nekkid and covered on body paint. In fact, they are more professional here than they are in most American shows. They are dressed quite professionally, but they basically act as a waitress in most booths - serving to bring cookies, sandwiches, and water when one is meeting with the actual company reps. Actually, the only stereotypical booth babe that I was was the "Eve" character that some cutting tool company in America uses at all it's trade shows. I felt kind of bad for her actually. Walking past, I could see this look in her eyes that was something like "Got in himmel! Why did *I* have to be hired by the pervy Americans..."

Anyway, I got two short clips to share today using the higher resolution setting that I discovered today. Of course, now I discover that Google downgrades it as part of it's "processing" step. Stupid Google. Anyway, first, ride with me on the super fast train! Wheeee!

Then, a little view of the grand lounge area in my hotel. Yes, TOWWAS, that is an actual piano player down there.

All right forget the lobby. I'm tired of waiting for the friggin video to load Stupid Google. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe. In the interim, here's a completely non-trip related video that I ran across while waiting for *my* video to load. It's way funnier anyway:


Other than that today was pretty dull actually. Not for me, I was meeting with different companies all day, including one meeting that went for about 3 hours straight. But in terms of blog material it's been pretty dry.


Spice said…
400 Babies! SPORTS!
towwas said…
No naked ladies?? You should get your money back!