Everybody's WORKin FOR the CUPcakes...

You know that there is a serious problem when crack addicts are so broke that they can’t even afford a fanny pack to store their crack paraphenalia in. Admittedly, my ability to speak authoritatively on this is limited, but I would hypothesize that storing something like that “there” would hurt like hell.

I should have fun stories to share on Monday as my weekend is going to be full of adventures. The GF is out of town (again) so it’s another weekend on my own. I’ve scheduled a “cupcake crawl” with my friend S.Jo on Saturday – going from bakery to bakery sampling cupcakes from 5-6 of the most renowned* cupcakeries in the city**. Then I’m meeting up with my friend who runs a Chicago “foodie” website*** to go see a play at Steppenwolf and get dinner somewhere. I’m excited!

Sunday is opening night for the Theater Company’s fall season, so I get to go schmooze with all the important people and nosh on free appe-teasers. Woot!

I’ll try to bring along the camera so I can regale you with pictures of weekend adventures on Monday.

* You know, up until now I thought this was spelled “reknowned”. Thanks, auto-spellcheck! And here I had been making fun of the urinal screens in the men’s room all this time for no reason. Even more unusual, I apparently used to know how to spell it back in February, but had forgotten over the summer. Either that or dementia has started to kick in at the ripe old age of 31…
**Yes, including my favorite thus far – Southport Grocery! Woo!
*** Now available in the list of links!


towwas said…
Mmm - cupcakes. Although if I ate that many cupcakes, I'd sugar-crash so hard you wouldn't be able to wake me up for intermission.
KC said…
Cupcakes. Sounds good, but I'm more of a brownie girl myself.

Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned. Wish I knew what theatre co you work with. No hints, huh? Our season just ended and we don't come back until March 2007. But that actually gives me time to catch up on what all the other theatre companies in town are doing.

Tonight, though.... Raul Malo at the Sheldon! And tomorrow night also. Yes, I'm such a big fan that I have to go see him both nights.
grrrbear said…
TOWWAS - Don't worry, me and S.Jo are splitting 1 cupcake at each place, so at most I'll eat 2-3 cupcakes total which is *totally* do-able for a cake junkie like myself.

kc - Sometimes I'm tempted to go ahead and give the name, but then people might go to the website and my name is listed there which might lead to stalkers. Not that I *have* any, or that any of my blog-friends who do read me are particularly likely to become one. I just worry about the stalker who has yet to find me, or who stumbles across me via the "next blog" button and is so smitten that he/she can't let go. Those are the ones you have to watch out for.