Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Earlier this summer, my mom retired. So her and my stepdad sold the house and began their life as wandering nomads in their RV. Because of this, I assumed custody of their cat, who will now become the latest character in the blog: Grrrcat. TOWWAS has already met him, and he’s pretty much the nicest cat you will ever meet. He is also very concerned for the well-being of all his pet humans, as TOWWAS will testify*.

Anyway, while researching potential local vets last night I cam across one that offered a virtual tour of their facility. Amidst of all the images of their surgical suite, waiting area, etc, I came across a picture of their “fully equipped” lab facility. And I noticed it was even more fully equipped than they described:

I’m not sure exactly what a sinkcat is for, but it must be pretty important for them to feature it so prominently in the tour, right?

* Grrrcat frequently attempted to reach under the door to the guest room while she was sleeping there, in a desperate attempt to free her from the room where she was so clearly trapped behind the door that was closed by mistake.

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