No single title could cover all this adequately

Would you hang your mom upside down for Mother's Day?

A whole new appreciation for the holidays

Besides, Kim Cattrall's moved onto other things these days

Oh just kill them already...

That's it...I give up.

And GQ's "Tits of the Year 2005" goes to...

Aren't cheerleaders already slutty by default?

6,000 people not reading what I write

I had way too much fun with this...

I feel pretty, oh so pretty


In vino veritas

Catching up on world events while I've been gone, I discovered the world's gone nutzoid

Zoom, zoom, bazoombas!

Glad I got out before the next hurricane comes along...

America's thirst for revenge gluings

Who'da thunk there's be so many ways to screw?


Halloween Adventures

Only in the midwest


I wonder if we're on the verge of a big-band Jazz resurgence?