I'm Melting!

Willful ignorance does not equal news, people!

What a waste of money...I'm sooo jealous!

Epilogue - I'm back, but barely

Live! From Hartford, CT!

Yesterday's events

What you say in Vegas *doesn't* always stay in Vegas...

Get yer stinkin' antennae off me you damn dirty cicadas!

Quickie - Toddler hero worship

Rising from the ashes...

Another epic journey begins...

Quickie - Animals + Wit = Fun!

To Quote Keanu Reeves: "Whoa..."

Quickie - They say that the camera adds 10 pounds, they just didn't say they'd add them all to the same place

Quickie - Why yes, I *would* jump off a building if all my friends did it

Quickie - They're baaaaaaaack!

Jack Sprat and his wife never had it so good online

Just because you *think* you can...

Note: the 2nd shoe post in a week doesn't make me the shoe-equivalent of J.Bro

Possible just a tiny bit NSFW, so I'm not showing the actual picture

Of course, I suppose I could just carry another flavor in my car to cover it up...

Quickie - The pictures you've all been waiting for!

I'm soooo reconsidering not being an exchange student right now

Some perspective people, please...