Wow, what a weekend

Overcoming my inner Dennis Koslowski

Your source for midget news!

And I don't even *have* a bust of Pallas above my chamber door

If ignorance is bliss, no wonder they're so chipper

No subject line could capture the range of things covered in this one

That Stiller kid had it all wrong

Society needs more Muses

41 midgets walk into a bar...the 42nd ducks

I wish there were Garanimals for grownups

Oh, lord. No, not you...the other guy.

This post just got away from me, I admit it

Who needs LSD when I can just go to bed?

Dawgs, drinks, and darn good music...


The assault on American values from the far right has gone too far!

The power of the web COMPELS you!

What do may flowers bring?...Pilgrims!