Math illiteracy makes most people miss the most important parts of the news...

Quickie - Hey, that's great...

Making up for lost time and a late morning

Quickie - Cut human resources!

Ein junge unter einem flugzeug

Why not just bring in the OED and brush up on vocab?

So if I eat enough pork, does the year get shorter?

Quickie - Rollin', rollin', rollin'...keep them snowballs rollin'

Quickie - Because J.Bro lurves the denim

Of all the things to worry about...

Granted, you'd have to buy a lot of curtains if you wanted to run around nekkid

Quickie - You can see it from space!

The pain of change isn't always obvious

Another sign that our society is collapsing like ancient Rome

Quickie - SLOTHS!!!!

Finally! Proof of what I was talking about!

Every city has its passion

Let the Marilyn Monroe comparisons begin!

The secrets they keep

I haven't seen Julia Roberts yet, though

Thoughts on the ads

Let the rioting begin!

Quickie - Well, that didn't suck

Quickie - Because the best parts are the ads