Quickie - Ergh...

Quickie - You're not as bad off as you think

Resisting the temptations of adulthood

Yes, I was a good boy this year...

American Choppers

Smited (smote?) by the car gods again...

Oddly enough, nobody at the exhibit was walking like an Egyptian

Quickie - I'm the webslinger!

'Cuz we are living, in an immaterial world...

Quickie - You sheath that weapon, and I'll put my knife away

In Chicago, people'd come back from the dead to vote for that!

Quickie - Scary me, Mary me!

Small victories

Quickie - Monkeys don't throw poo here anymore...

Holiday disappointment

Random musings before bed after a dull night on the road

Not one of my favorite weeks...

Time for more hooker collector cards!

All those suits in finance can finally cut loose!

Quickie - Trucker's Chagrin

I'm handy, darnit!

Just lazy...but exciting news!

One last thing about Vegas...

I'm trapped!

Because I like to offer a hand to my illegal alien friends

Live from the city of sin!

On the road again

PC: 1, Grrrbear: 0

Buddy can you spare some time?

My brush with political fame...maybe

Quickie - Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The ups and downs of my voting experience

Catching up - Halloween

Holding pattern due heavy traffic

Wait a minute...that's not that hard, after all!

It's me again!

Plus, it's raining all day today

Madison Blogfest '06

It's still better than Great Clips

Quickie - this is why I could never be a fighter pilot

Quickie - Is it just me...

Without the world's biggest twineball, it's not a legit vote anyway

Quickie - The time has come for every kid to be legally obligated to fall down

Mommy? Can I wear my hootchie mama outfit today?

It stands for "Department of Mental Viciousness"

Note to self...don't ever fly in a dress...

Even the weatherpixie knows!

Mish-mash of topics, all rolled into one!

The founding fathers never thought we'd become this stupid, obviously

I'm a manly man!

Quickie - Stewardess, more barf bags please!

It'll only be cured if the pink car wins

Secret GOP strategeries REVEALED!