I'm bringin' sexy feet!


Quickie - Words fail me.

Not quite thinking a plan all the way through

Totally what I expected...

Quickie - No wonder Superman never went to Serbia...

Book learnin!

Good weather + new belt = weekend fun!

Quickie - Is this weird?

Apparently, I write like a girl

Gatorade tastes like syrup anyway...

Call a spade a spade, seedless or not

They'll preserve wherever Lincoln slept, but not where Kennedy slept with Marilyn? That's a double standard

America's War on Belts!

Lord only knows what sort of games will be played at the party itself...

When stupid meets stupid

Quickie - Entrapment!

If we declare war on War, does he have to kill himself?

Quickie - "Wait, I just kicked something floating..."

Living in the Future - Day #1

Your mama's so fat when she puts on her BVD's they spell out "Boulevard"!

Quickie - Because we men don't always think things through...

This year I registered early so I couldn't get housed with the class of '92 again

Like an out-of-body experience, but still in your body

How exactly does one go from directing Playboy videos to producing "Armageddon"?

It's official...I'm a grumpy old man.