Quickie - More than meets the eye!

Stories from the airport

It's like my own personal episode of "How That's Made"!

Plus, the cover is reflective so I can use it to check for stuff in my teeth!

I am a media king/queenmaker!

Think your boss is bad?

Quickie - Because it's been a while since I used the "underwear" tag

Quickie - Good thing they wear the sashes!

They don't have nearly enough realistic hair options though.

This is why I don't live in Lincoln Park

I'm sooo glad I have healthy teeth!

Just think how much crap a thief could steal in two weeks...

New York Story

Sniffle, cough, sneeze...

Quickie - For the love of God, don't drink and fill out the birth certificate!

I need a vacation from my vacation...

Quickie - Mad scramble to the end...then vacation!