Quickie - Grrrbear on Grrrbear

I love the smell of "cute" shoes in the morning - smells like victory!

It was so well-trained I thought it was a puppet, at first

Mÿnd you, hïnge bites kan be pretti nastï

Stupid is the new black

Funny that sitting in stranger's living rooms isn't as thrilling as sitting in a stranger's car

Quickie - Blonde joke

Quickie - If I could only sling webs

Quickie - Ewwwwwwww!

Drunken warfare and a nice tukkus spells a weekend 'o' fun

Quickie - More squirrel bloodlust

Maybe they are sponsored by the BBQ Rib industry these days and need to feature the product more prominently

Not since Milo & Otis has interspecies friendship been so cute

Damn these eyes!

Pregnancy - it's the pits

Quickie - Men's Fashion

In retrospect, I can't believe we used to eat directly off these things in elementary school

Juicy, yet shameless plug for my homegirl.

I vant to suck your vote!

Killing Christmas early.*


No time to think of something on my own

Would a skunk really put up with wearing a head scarf?

Times like these keep me humble

Quickie - Fun with faux gravity!

"Honey, are you done downloading porn yet?"


Breaking News!

What happens when the Troggs are the only boomer band left? Will *they* play the Super Bowl?

If there's an Index, can you Short Sell Salvation?

If you don't stop that right now I'll buy you a book!