Except maybe for the hair...

Still, one has to appreciate the work that went into the parody

Of course, I blame Hot Topic for this whole mess...

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am a whore!

The traffic sign in "LA Story" was waaayyy more helpful

Checking in!

On the road again...

"iMe gusta keebles y beets!"

Besides, they can live off maple syrup and beer for months in the wilderness

Quickie Pt II


Adventures in Bachelorland - Day 1


Xmas cards and morons talking

Apparently, he's hung like a Ken doll, too - she only slept with him once

In the event of an emergency...

Quickie - Lies, damn lies, and statistics...

Is it epiphany yet?

If they wore little cowboy hats and big belt-buckles they'd be pretty darn cute, even with a gun

How much arch support do you think Jesus would get from sandals?

A Declaration


Well, that's good to know...


Santa Claus is coming to town...or is he?

If the term used a lot of Q's and X's I'd be a hero to Scrabble Players everywhere

"Another piece of pie? Well, okay but that's another 20 minutes of doggie style tonight honey..."


One small step for woman, one giant rack for mankind

'Tis the season for stupidity

Move over Bird Flu! Now there's something freakier!

I wonder how quickly I could learn to drive reindeer?