Behold, the power of media-generated cheese

You never think a wedding could be so risky

Of all the ways to make a million

A whole new meaning of "charged up"

"Imagine all the sequels, living life in peace..."

Now that I'm caffinated, I'm more cogent

I woke up at 4:06 am and couldn't go back to sleep - this is why I shouldn't blog when that happens.

Getting pulled into the future, but unwillingly

A long-ass post but it's for science (sorta)

Whole lotta clubbin' goin' on

It is finished!

The audience is your friend; individual audience members however...

I never knew there were that many kinds of yarn

I blinded myself! With science!

Quickie - This gives a whole new meaning to the word "catfight"

I was *this* close to being "Proud to be an American"

An open letter to Aaron Spencer - Former Chairman of Pizzeria Uno

Quickie - A rose by any other color...

Today on Grrrbear's Wild Kingdom, we teach chickens how to fly!

Quickie - Fight! Fight!

Quickie - Next year they'll all dress like cheerleaders, I bet...or nuns.

Plus, now I know what a trifecta wheel is

It's like reading "comfort news" - a media equivalent to chicken pot pie

For a good time, call (630) CABLE-GUY

Quickie - Yay! Han shoots first again!

Board games are built by the geographically illiterate

My grandkids won't even know what hit 'em

Miiiight as well face it you're addicted to nuts...

Number of bodies in the cemetery with pink Cubs hats = 0