Portuguese music cures the sick...I did not know this

Suddenly vacation sounds like a good idea...

Thou shalt not covet thy GF's laptop bag

Yeah, it's got magic powers, all right

Meatastic weekend

6 things I think about the gym

Coke will eventually brand our urine, and charge us to flush it

Swingin' in the Suburbs

Your temprement's wrong for the priesthood, and teaching would suit you still *less*!

Like slipping on a comfy old sweater

Words to woo by

Next up - tampon ads during NFL games, no doubt

It's like having built-in airbags

Sometimes, I think about it...

The first singles bar for America's youth

At least it doesn't actually say "wedding" anywhere on it

Admittedly, I'm a guy...women's shoes confuse me

Quickie - "I'm Grrrbear, I'm 31 and my Dad's Bruce Lee..."

There are no words to adequately describe this

Thank heaven for the news - it makes my life seem normal

Here comes the sun! AIEEE!

Testicles and prostates don't belong on your resumé

Quickie - the end of an era

A whole new meaning to the phrase "she looks so good it's a crime"

Postgame report(s)