iPhone Insanity

The duckies are coming! The duckies are coming!

Gettin' the band back together

Obviously, I lack the eye for quality that J.Bro has

Who doesn't learn to ride a bike until they're 20+ anyway?

Some editor actually thought this was news

Quickie - To the victor go the spoils!


Final reunion post, I promise!

I already miss everybody!

Quickie - Roadtrip!

These *are* dirty pillows

Quickie - This man who made me Science Student of the Year of my graduating class

Don't look directly at the stupid!

Sometimes you just wonder...

Quickie - Sometimes logic fails me

Hi, my name is Grrrbear, and I'm a sweets-aholic

In memoriam for Rob (but not Fab yet)

Nut Cup vs. Sports Bra

Olympic Rorschach Baby!

America's Sweaty Penis is getting kicked in the left testicle right now