You say I'm a dreamer...well I blame Hasbro.

Before you ride the bike, you gotta fall over a few times

Days like these I hate technology

Not-So-Irrational Fear Thursday: Eeek! Naked Biker Guys!

The dullest post I've ever written

My kingdom for an electrician!


Not-So-Irrational Fear: Eeek! Robots!

Heart-shaped, my ass

Smootches to all of you for V-day!

Mercifully, I didn't develop an irrational fear of revolving doors as a result

Neilsen might have to think up a new way to track viewership though

Two hours talking about one very boring thing

Quickie - Spot the Crime against Language

"Ve have vays of making you talk...cookies, fur exahmple..."

Big Pimpin' on a Monday night

Quickie - Note to self...

Are you ready for some disappointment?

The "theme" works because everyone loves spotted owls...

Hello Mr. Gonzalez? Yeah, I'm not a terrorist...just so you know...

Of course, I wasn't really *listening* to much of the speech