The last of the great, hairy Hollywood hunks commands you to watch!

Come to think of it, his actual name *does* sound like a pornstar name...

Is that a banana plastered across your face, or are you just happy to see me?

Here's one for you biologists and science writers to decry as hooey

Quickie - But do they fart?

No wonder she's seemed so Kat-a-Tomic lately...

"Come to where the flavor is. Come to Debbie country."

Next up in 2012 - Hooters, The Movie!

I'm an inventor too - I got a certificate with my name on it that says so

Dr. Grrrbear - Medicine Blogger

Is it art? Or is it porn-crap-graphy?

Quickie - Are newspapers selling ad space in headlines now?

Hello, my name is grrrbear and I love cupcakes...

Quickie - His head's so big it's a weapon

Who's your daddy!

Quickie - Tha's no ordinary rabbit!

And the wiener is...

Quickie - who hired that search engine optimizer again?

You know, I *have* a hammer, but I still have no desire to hammer all over this land


Just because they are a retired CEO doesn't mean they knew what they were doing