Quickie - Just ducking back into the office for a day

Small-town business development plan goes bust...literally

Keep your pants on, son...please

Quickie - Remember when he opposed nation building and loathed raising CAFTA standards?

Actual Dialogue Re: the Wii

Quickie - I *KNEW* it!!!

I'm feeling the Wii-burn

I knew it didn't *really* fall from space

"Now serving number 30,125..."

Technology + movement + fun = fitness!

If OAM had frats, the Tri-Lams would have *ruled*

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Cookie-eater! Know thyself!

Because I don't have nearly enough posts with the "boobs" tag

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New Year, New Look

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Seriously, check this out...

A whole new world!

Quickie -


WARNING: All paragraphs in this post begin with the letter "A"

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Goodbye Mr. President