Wait a minute...that's not that hard, after all!

It's me again!

Plus, it's raining all day today

Madison Blogfest '06

It's still better than Great Clips

Quickie - this is why I could never be a fighter pilot

Quickie - Is it just me...

Without the world's biggest twineball, it's not a legit vote anyway

Quickie - The time has come for every kid to be legally obligated to fall down

Mommy? Can I wear my hootchie mama outfit today?

It stands for "Department of Mental Viciousness"

Note to self...don't ever fly in a dress...

Even the weatherpixie knows!

Mish-mash of topics, all rolled into one!

The founding fathers never thought we'd become this stupid, obviously

I'm a manly man!

Quickie - Stewardess, more barf bags please!

It'll only be cured if the pink car wins

Secret GOP strategeries REVEALED!

Spanking, Cupcakes, and a penguin conspiracy