Quickie - "Danger Redneck Robinson!"

Historic collectible? Or training tool for terror? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Saturday was also the first day I ate mushrooms willingly...ever

Quickie - MAAAAANILOOOOOWWWW!!!! (a la Kirk in "Wrath of Khan")

Quickie - But does it have an umbrella?

More proof the world would be better off if I could decide whether people could have kids

Run Debbie! He's only been fasting for you because he wants to get in your pants!

No real rhyme or reason to this post

Honestly, I don't feel that bad yet...but it's early

Get your filthy paws off me you damn furry rodents!

Quickie - The second coming is no doubt upon us

The girls aren't wild, they're just desperate for attention

The "undisclosed location" revealed!

The road to recovery keeps getting longer

I would like a nap now please

Crime strikes even the littlest bloggers

Celebrate your unmentionables, America!

I'm turning into a curmudgeon at only 31

Grrrbear's Job Search Tips, Ch 1 - Know what *not* to know

Weekend Guests and Businesswomen Gone Wild!

Security has gone to the dogs

Quickie - If you haven't already seen it

Live fast, post often, leave a good-looking blog

Quickie - A whole new meaning to the term "Broadway"

My hips tell the world I'm a weirdo

My date was on a stick, but she was the hit of the party