Quickie - Soooo tie-tie

Quickie - Exactly what I was hoping for...

16 days of gridlock

More on MySpace

What do you call it if you don't *have* a space?

Quickie - Somewhere, Mr Rogers is crying

I always thought it was just a newspaper for The Man

Learning to live with disappointment

We did see Ronnie Woo-Woo before the game though

A tape measure by any other obviously for pussies

Next time you're late for a date, try this!

Intermission brain challenge!

Typically, I *like* the smell of banana

Quickie - OAM Reunion News Flash!

I almost considered sticking with my original flight, but she was seated 8 rows in front of me

Quickie - Wanna get high?

Good times, old friends, and bumbling asistants

I'm being watched!

Sieze all their cheesecake!

Nobody is allowed over to my house right now

Greetings from Iowa!

Shopped 'til I dropped

What a weekend...